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Saturday, May 21, 10 a.m. to Noon 5/6/2016
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May 14 for East Side; May 21 for West Side 4/29/2016
Work is Scheduled For May 2-13, Riverside Will Remain Open 4/27/2016
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Project Update - 5/4/16
Riverside Avenue Resurfacing Project

Below is the anticipated schedule for the next few days, weather pending.

Project Update - 5/2/16
Riverside Avenue Resurfacing Project

The contractor will continue to work on the sidewalk and curb repairs on Tuesday, May 3rd.  The concrete repairs will require several days to cure before the next stages of the paving work will begin.  The paving work will begin with milling of the existing pavement surface, which is te

Project Update - 4/28/16
Riverside Avenue Resurfacing Project

Weather pending, the contractor is scheduled to begin work on Monday, May 2nd.  They will begin work by making repairs to the curbs and sidewalks, which will be followed by adjusting the utility structures in the road as necessary.  The concrete repairs will require several days to cure